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  Musical Education  


In Frankfurt she does her studies with the professor Harald Hoeren at the "Hochschule fur musick und darstellende kunst, Frankfurt and Main.


After in Utrecht she studied with the professor Siebe Henstra at the "Hoogschool voor kunsten utrecht the Nederlands" where she obtain her graduated degree.


She follow Postgraduated harpsichord Diploma at the "Real Conservatorio Superior de Madrid" .


She performed in International Halls as a soloist and chamber music:

She performed in International Halls as a soloist and chamber music:

"Kuhrhaus" Baden Baden,"Duustede kastel" in Holland,"Tomas Luis de Victoria" Madrid, at the "Bolivar hall" in London, Anglican Church and Jornées mondial de la jeneuse (Montréal) and "National Library" (Ottawa).


Other  Eugenia's performances includes her participation at "La fëte de la musique" in Geneve-Switzerland), at the Monteverdi's Opera "Orfeo and Euridice" in Trêbon-ChezRepublic.

She also played sacred music as the"Messiah" of Haendel.



In Montréal she started the group "Dolce Musica" where she performed few times during the past years with soprano and guitar. In the present year, she played with the orchestra "La Muse" at the Église Saint-Denis in Montréal. Director: Radu Noaghiu.


She has done numerous International Courses"  It is worthy to enlight the following: With Robert Kohnen in Spa (Belgium), With Patrick Ayrton In Sardinia (Italy), with Bob van Asperen in karlsruhe (Germany) and madrid (Spain),  with Menno van Delft (Amsterdam), with Jesper Christensen in Urbino ( Italy) and Basel ( Switzerland), the Tafel music summer Institute in Toronto, last year (2018) she participated at the Summer Akademie Zuphten in Nederlands with Sieve Henstra.


...Eugenia Robledo faces the demanding "Fandango en Re" from Padre Antonio soler (XVIII century), a piece with incredible difficulties, and greatly succeds the challenge with virtuosism and good taste.

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